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Located in Earl Howe House on Braunstone Gate, Mobius is
Leicester’s go-to place for a night out which brings together people who share
a passion for live music in an upmarket setting.
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Our expertly chosen list of wines and cocktails offers a diverse
selection of drinks which entice, excite and satisfy the senses, all of which
are perfectly complemented by comfortable sofas and a relaxed vibe.

In Mobius you can mix business with pleasure as you can book it for business meetings. we offer free wifi, projectors, free coffee refills and many more.

Our "after work club" runs every day between 5-9pm after a hard day at work you can come and relax at Mobius with 2 cocktails for £6 and our all day proper bites!

Throughout the year, Mobius plays host to some of the
biggest names in the music business, including Ministry of Sound, Miss
Moneypenny’s, Stereo Sushi, and Cream, whilst welcoming superstar DJs Seamus
Hajj, Brandon Block, Sonique, Jeremy Healy, Graeme Park, CJ Mackintosh and a
whole host of others.

A night out at Mobius is a great opportunity to unwind with
friends and family. To keep it that way and to provide our customers with a
great time, we operate a strict door policy.

Have a look at our Cocktails Menu.

See what food you can order at the bar in our Bar Menu.